시청사 city hall

I used to work in city hall in Los Angeles so I felt especially excited to see Seoul's. Its geometric design and lattice work shine and look like a futuristic undulating wave.  The building was designed by Yoo Kerl (his latest piece is this incredible "Tri-Bowl" in the new city of Songdo).  The city hall building harnesses geothermal and solar energy to power the building.  The interior has a beautiful lush living green wall that contrasts nicely with the exposed metallic spiderweb structure that repeat throughout the building.  There is a very tall sculpture that greets visitors as they walk in, it looks like a giant delicate balloon wall, light and airy.  Its fucking awesome, theres an internet cafe, an actual cafe at the very top with some cool views, a photo gallery dedicated to the evolution of street art/graffiti in certain neighborhoods in Seoul.  There was even a gallery of constellations as they are seen over certain districts.  The basement the floors are all glass so that you can see archaeological remains.  Allegedly there is a library but I didn't see it.  In front of the building there are always farmer's markets and a stage hosting giveaways and other spectacles.  Last time I went there was a dance contest for the elderly.  I wish I filmed it, shit was cash.
This picture is from the Wikipedia page.

Taken from my cell phone, still so sick


The gallery on the 8th floor, plus a mini old school traditional store stuck in here for funz.
balloon wall/sculpture 

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