H Y E R I Museum of Modern History Korea

So this past weekend my dear friend Ellie (she has a great blog and travels way more than I do) who I've known since my young middle school years decided to get together and go on a day trip to a the Hyeri art village.  Hyeri is in Paju or close to the DMZ that borders North Korea.  Paju houses the Hyeri art village aka a wonderland of design and art.  It was basically the most amazing place I've been to in Korea.  Its where all the bougie fantasies young design majors become reality.  I couldn't stop gawking at all the beautifully designed modern clean sleek minimal buildings and the galleries and cafes everywhere.  There are even a lot of toy museums and Dalki (an anime character named Strawberry) playground/theme park.

This post is centered on the Museum of Modern Korean History aka a time capsule slash interactive diorama of your Korean grandma's attic.  I mean this in the most complimentary way, it looks like the accumulation of years of hoarding.   The museum houses candy wrappers, movie posters, clothes, magazine covers, money, and household appliances from the 1950s-1970s.  There are cameras, typewriters, and other quaint forms of technology that would appeal to nostalgics.  The entire space is dedicated to an interactive walk-through of a neighborhood in the 60s.  You can peer into a traditional hanok styled home, walk down the street to neighborhood stores, see oddly proportioned mannequins getting haircuts, fixing a watch, going to class etc.

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