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So this is part two of my trip to Hyeri because it was seriously so amazing.  Hyeri is known to be an art village, that houses international and Korean artists who basically get to live in a creative community and have the best life in all of Korea.  It's really not fair.  I had an amazing time playing tourist in this little perfect town.  

Hyeri which is named after a traditional Korean farming song reflects the eco-green philosophy the town was designed with.  This place was basically the dream of a very wealthy book publisher, he hired Korea's best architects and planners to create this little creative commune/utopia.  The town's plans restrict buildings higher than 3 stories (unlike the rest of Korea) so that you can really enjoy the weather.  All the super minimal beautiful buildings are made of glass, concrete, and steel and incorporate other ecological design principles.  There are no fences and but soft borders incorporated through the planting of native species as green buffers.  Anyone into city planning or architecture should check this town out its a GEMSTONE.

How could you not like this place?

This is actually in Hapjeong where you wait for the bus that transport you to the coolest place in Korea,
Massive bookstore attached to the print library.  Paju is known for its bookmaking/paper making.

The pond in Hyeri

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