H Y E R I white block gallery

So this the last of the posts about Hyeri.  I went to the White Block Gallery which is really stunning.  It is an incredible three story gallery and cafe.  The cafe has outside seating that overlooks the pond in Hyeri and is an overall wonderful view.  Although we didn't have lunch here, Ellie and I went to the Farmer's Table which was in some Korean drama.  I just thought I'd mention that because I guess in Korea that's a big selling point.  The Farmer's Table was very nice with excellent service.  But what I thought was AMAZING was this vegan churro place.  It was divine.

This is a photo from the firm that designed the White Block Gallery

took a selfie in the fun mirror of course

The theme of the pieces in the White Block Gallery was storytelling.  So the first floor had these cool surreal paintings that looked like illustrations of dreams.  I really liked the incorporation of a photographic negatives in the paintings.  The second floor had a series of pen and paper doodles on the size of a napkin that were almost like drawings of parables from a religion in a parallel universe.

I love miniatures!!
Farmer's Table. But the food was above average, service excellent.  I really wanted to try the sweet potato pasta dish but they were all out/I didn't really understand the waiter.  Interior is beautiful though.

Ended our day here at Cafe Concreate a gallery/cafe/vinyl store.  It is amazing inside !

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