jellyfish eyes in superflat w o n d e r l a n d

The other day I went to the Samsung PLATEAU To see the Takashi Murakami. I first became aware of him through the pink cherry blossom mini Louis Vuitton that graced the shoulders of my Juicy Couture outfitted peers in middle school. Anyways, Murakami is usually introduced as the Japanese Andy Warhol for the creation of his superflat aesthetic.  The superflat aesthetic is not only the blending of a high and low style through the integration of subculture elements such as anime and manga with the traditional Japanese Edo era prints but also describes the "flattening" of fantasy, an ethos born of post WWII Japan struggling under wave of inferiority brought on by defeat.  Though this moniker is meant to celebrate the superflat jellyfish eyes aesthetic as a popular iconic legend on par with Warhol's soup cans and Marilyns it fails to address Murakami's more political and nationalistic suggestions underneath this rainbow colored world of smiling daisies.
Through the popularity of his characters he was able to elevate and legitamitize a Japanese aesthetic to an international audience.  Murakami's mushroom and tentacled creatures have occupied the throne alongside the kings and queens in Ch√Ęteau de Versaille in the Hall of Mirrors.  Now looking back on those sakura pink cherry blossoms smile against the familiar backdrop of those interlinking LV monograms I feel like I've been let in on some secret joke (the irony of flattened fantasies, sterility of decontextualized consumer desire mapped onto these highly coveted handbags, obvi).

Anyways here are some shitty iPhone photos of my experience which was to say super awesome.  The Plateau currently houses sculptures from Auguste Rodin (the guy who created The Thinker).  The coolest piece they wouldn't let you take a picture of.  There were two sculptures of these anime cyborg girls whose bodies were dissected and almost moved around like a Transformers toy.  The focal point was the anime cyborg's vagina that was pointed straight out at the viewer removed from the rest of the body but supported by strange machine parts.

A girl date with my wonderful friend Caroline who runs a streetstyle fashion blog.

Murakami enjoyed spoofing Mickey Mouse.

So the piece in the middle is called "The Gates of Hell" currently flanked by two of Murakami's anime animals.  Of course there is a korean couple taking pics of themselves in front of this. el oh el cool high art juxtaposition insert commentary on the decontextualization of images augmented by social media

Where on earth did Murakami find this picture of me from high school??

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