Yeuido Ecological Park

October is a fucking awesome month.  Not only is does it fit in the narrow window of nice weather in Korea, but there are two holidays aka days off of work (this is especially exciting since I'm such a peasant)!
On my day off I went to the ecologically preserved island in Yeuido, an island floating on the Han, in the middle of Seoul.  The park is next to a beautiful pedestrian bridge, walking on it made me feel like I was floating on top of the city.  I really liked the whole experience because there wasn't the usual mob of families, people selling snacks, aggressive bikers, etc. for the most part it was super empty and felt like I wasn't even in Korea.  I watched the sunset while biking next to the Han. I wish I had taken more pictures on my bike ride, it was probably some of the most fun I've had in a while.  Ended the night with Moscow Mules made with tequila.
Here are some more iPhone photos until I feel hoodrich enough to spring for a bomb camera.
This is the view from the bridge.

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