Autumn in Korea

I don't typically get a real Fall season in Los Angeles.  When I ask friends from the East coast what they miss back home they usually gab on about seeing the leaves change color which I always considered a rather quaint white person thing.  Although I'll always take palm trees over pumpkin spice lattes and fall colors, I get why everyone gets so hyped now.  I went to Seoul Forest to walk around before the bitter coldness of winter prevents me from ever leaving my heated floors.  It was seriously so nice, I met up with an old friend and I swear I hate saying stuff like this but walking around felt like cozying up in soft fleece, it was so nice and relaxing.

Dangerous but AWESOME playground. I want to get into that head one day..

As I was taking this picture, an old man told me to save this and look at it during the cold winter months and that it would always bring me sunshine.  I thought that was so sweet, this is why I love old people.

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