late night shopping

Dongdaemun is a shopper's paradise.  I first discovered its labyrinth-like maze of stalls when I was sixteen.  I was overwhelmed by how cheap (relative to US prices) and cute everything was.  Dongdaemun is a huge district filled with a lot of shopping malls each around six stories devoted to mostly women's apparel.  The malls are open pretty much 24/7 and some vendors stay until 5am.  I went a while back after Halloween with my girlfriends to a wholesale mall that has the most beautiful clothes.  While Dongdaemun as a whole can be a bit pricey the wholesale mall was affordable and reasonably priced.  The only downside is that sometimes the vendors will want you to buy two of each article.  Here are some sneaky cell phone photos.  Some of the vendors are super nice and accommodating and then you get some that are on their cellphones not giving a fuck (expected around 2am).  I highly recommend going but be prepared to walk away with two of each! And no, you cannot try on ANYTHING I bought a beautiful tweed and shearling combination coat for around 76ooo won and a sweater for 30ooo won (I've seen the sweater retail for around 50ooo ~ 42ooo won).

The Lotte Mall

Bambi sweater forever!!

Infinite Sighs, I couldnt even take pictures of the really amazing stuff since they get so paranoid about people coming to copy designs.

One more of my girl Kiko 

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